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Published on 24-01-2019

Hello, now who insert Advertising on the Site, will earn R $ 0.15 (fifteen cents) from Withdraw. Enjoy the Incredible Promotions. Any Advertising understands if; that put your Advertising on the site with all forms the not counting forum post is not advertising and the RULE IS CLEAR, advertising in the Forum will Generate Member suspension and in expulsion. For any purpose, read the T.O.S of the Site.

Let's start a Direct Referral and Valid Clicks campaign. GRClick Brasil will pay a salary for you, if the Troxer 1000 Direct. For Brazilian currency we will pay R $ 5.00 (five reais) and for dollar $ 2 (two dollars). We'll also pay half to get 500 Direct.



Launch / Lançado
Published on 19-01-2019

We already have 70% of our Website up and running. We will incorporate Games, Contest among others and I await your referrals coming in to win a lot and of course, we will have some promotions for investors with prizes of Electronic Gadgets.

Join GRClick Brazil.


Nós já temos 70% do nosso site instalado e funcionando. Vamos incorporar Jogos, Concurso entre outros e aguardo suas indicações chegando para ganhar muito e claro, teremos algumas promoções para investidores com prêmios de Aparelhos Eletrônicos. Junte-se ao GRClick Brasil.

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